Gagtanamo Bay! Voted the worst show name at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (incredibly beating a sketch show called Fisting a Nun). The premise was simple. Three comics (Duncan Hargreaves, Oliver Potatoes and Ipswich Brunel) were going to share an hour of comedy, Oliver and Ipswich sadly died so the show was turned into a tribute to them with some more acts coming down (Chutney Bandito,Thomas Ivor-Pie and Chamberlin Loons) but they also died. So I did impressions of them as a tribute to Oliver and Ipswich. Madness.


Bruce Hammers Banapocalypse. A sort of action film spoof of Blade Runner and the Running Man where I played movie star Bruce Hammers who was battling a drug addiction. There was something about Bananas being illegal as well, it was very confusing. I also cheated by including some of the least shit bits from Gagtanamo Bay in at the end as well which made even less sense. Madness.


Once Upon a Time in the Jest. I claimed that everyone in history had done stand up, and demonstrated this by doing four impressions of "historical" comedy. I did Henry VIII as a sort of 70's comedian making lots of 'Mother-in-law Jokes' (he had six of them!), Cleopatra as Joan Rivers, The Vitruvian Man as Seinfeld (I had mops gaffer taped to my back in a suit so it looked like I had four arms and legs and I just did observational stuff about Venice) and Apollo 13 as Jim Jefferies. Madness.


The Six Million Dollar Ewins. James Bond spoof. Awful name, should have called it Ewins Only Live Twice. Premise was that someone had hidden a bomb in the venue but I had been killed trying to find it, so they rebuilt me and encouraged me to relive my last mission in the hope that my flashbacks would lead me to find the bomb. Madness.


Day Job. About how I wanted to quit my job working in a pie factory in Plymouth so I entered the local talent competition to try and get famous. First day of the run the show ran at exactly one hour. Every day after it was 35 minutes long. Madness.