21/12/17 Tour show at the Titter Cupboard, Bedford (details)

25/12/17 Opening for Timmy Coconuts, Bedford (details)

30/12/17 Supporting Harold Explosions, Farnham (details)

31/12/17 Sally Llamas Giggle Barrel, Gillingham (details)


05/01/18 The Salsa and Castle Pub, Dagenham (details)

08/01/18 The Ferrets and Plough Pub, Liverpool (details)

09/01/18 Opening for Christopher Eggs, Plymouth (details)

10/01/18 Charity Gig (Raising Money for Salsa), Scunthorpe (details)

15/01/18 Charity Night at the Heckle Parlour, Torbay (details)

16/01/18 'Comedy in a Marquee' with Sally Improv, Chippenham (details)

21/01/18 Plymouth Theatre for Giggle Parlour, Plymouth (details)