22/02/18 Laugh with Bacon, Ecclefechan (details)

27/02/18 The Queen and Spanners Pub, Plymouth (details)


01/03/18 Corporate for the Rats Industry, Barnstaple (details)

04/03/18 Ha with Llamas, Portsmouth (details)

07/03/18 Corporate for the Gibbons Industry, Farnham (details)

08/03/18 Work In Progress - Onions Show, Sunderland (details)

09/03/18 Opening for Lucy Astronauts, Glasgow (details)

14/03/18 Howard Laugh, Leeds (details)

18/03/18 Corby Theatre for Joke Squat, Corby (details)

20/03/18 Gag and Baboons, Torbay (details)

23/03/18 Guffaw with Knuckles, Huddersfield (details)

27/03/18 Smile Crisps at the Thomas Centre, Luton (details)